Pakistani Pirate Poet


One more day before I head across the oceans once more for a Pakistani wedding journey. I spent all day today compiling my better poetry into a semi-organized collection. It still needs a lot of editing I’m afraid, so not sure if I love it or hate it yet. Also not sure why I took up that task at this time, but it has been useful going through my blog posts back to 2006, when I took up journaling again, to see what I was thinking when I made my last major life transition.

I also happened upon a conversation with PM from 2010, talking about how he stopped doing certain creative/experimental projects when he went to work in corporate, and wasn’t sure why. That is a concern of mine. I have two interviews this week, one which would support continuing a freelance/piecemeal lifestyle, and one which would be a full-time gig. Not having worked full-time for any one employer for 7 years now, that would be a transition for sure! We’ll see what the future holds…

It’s like a whole new round of courtship beginning. I’ll make the first move, flower to the bee, and see what kind of drones drop by :-)

I also wore an eye patch for more than half the day today over my good eye. Noticed some strain in right eye adjustment. Will try again after Pakistan.