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So I’m going to test my theory that I feel tired all the time because I’m eating too late at night and my body is digesting instead of resting. Have you ever woken up with a hangover from food? I have! If you eat too late in the evening, the food will actually just sit there and ferment in your stomach and start gurgling & digesting when you wake up!

Ocean Beach
I took this picture on the first day of my 3-day fast at the start of yoga teacher training.

Supposedly the ideal time to stop eating is 6pm. Most people who understand this concept shoot for 7:30pm. I had a friend at Chevron (shout out to Dempsey) who lost 20 pounds just by not eating after 7:30pm each night. Makes total sense to me. Your metabolism/digestive fire is strongest at lunchtime, so it makes sense to have a medium breakfast, a nice filling lunch, and a light dinner. If you need some decaffinated tea or something in the evening to tie you over, no harm done. So I will be stopping eating at 7:30pm for a week, and monitor the quality of my dreams and whether I feel rested in the morning.