Nuggets from #SPTM Call Today

Work/Life Balance:

1) Schedule Week's Recovery time, days off to do personal things, be flexible. E.g., If you have to work 10 days straight, take a week off for recovery. If you normally take off weekends but have to work a weekend, take off Friday and Monday. Avoid burnout.

2) Schedule time for working on business' future: "Remodeling Time." Six hours a week.

3) Schedule time for working in the business.

"A task will swell in importance relative to the timeframe given for completion."

Marketing Guilt? You need a blueprint that brings energy, focus, and momentum.

Put 60percent of your time into marketing until it is in place, then 10-20percent once it is rolling

1. Free Goodie (best way to get clients interested), free reports (ongoing)

2. Clear Call to Action: here is your one next step to make (a confused mind says no)

3. Clearing the Attic: Brainstorm and Gather Ideas in one place

4. Choose which marketing strategies are right for you? Appropriate for business? (E.g. Facebook vs. Linked In) Personality? (E.g. Outgoing networking events vs. Twitter) Release stuff you're not going to do.

5. Map it Out

6. Implement Entire Process for Each Marketing Strategy

7. Add strategies one at a time

"10 minutes to learn, a lifetime to master."