Nothing to Say

Politics are like sports
Not yet blood sports
In this country
But the hockey moms
Want to change that

A party bound to religion
Must lie about science
Or betray their allegiance
To unchallengable dogma

The easy position is theirs;
Protect the unborn innocent
And kill the guilty offender

I take the hard road to defend
The wider way of freedom

That sometimes the guilty
Deserve a second chance
And sometimes the unborn innocent
Must die so that quality of life
For those already here
Can be maintained

“Filling the Earth”
Through science is now possible
But is it moral?
I have over 100,000 unborn children inside me
They could all grow in a petri dish
I could fill a small city
But it wouldn’t be right

We don’t need them now
They would only hurt us
Because we don’t know what to do
With ourselves yet

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15 years ago

Might I recommend the books/movies Icons of Evolution and Privileged Planet from one scientist to another.

15 years ago

Sounds great! I will look into those…