Not working at 2pm on a Monday Guilt

So I’m at home laying in my bed at 1:48pm on a Monday, and that feels wrong. And it’s wrong that it feels wrong!

The conditioning to work 5 weekdays and rest on the weekend is really ingrained in me. Maybe it was the 18 years of school/college 5 days a week, every Monday. Maybe it was the 3.5 years of corporate after that, working steadily every Monday, except 2 weeks a year.

But I’m trying to avoid beating myself up about it. I feel sleepy and I feel like resting. After all, I worked both days this weekend. I coached a private client on Saturday. On Sunday I lead a hiking tour, networked, and held a business presentation. Today already I have sent business emails, calls, and met with another private coaching client for an hour, and now I want to rest.

I shouldn’t feel this guilty!!!!! Society and its conditioning is sick, haha.