No one left behind

I need to hook up with some mental health professionals, or something. If there was a "No child left behind" why is there not also a "No adult left behind"? The daily spectacle of homeless, mentally ill, drug abusers, and otherwise strayed peoples in this city is heartbreaking. Is it wrong for me to want these people to enjoy the same quality of life that I enjoy? Do we not have the "technology" to sober people up and set them up for success? Do we not have the resources or will to "institutionalize" care for those who are incapable of serving the community?

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13 years ago

But a government can't solve it, a corporation can't solve it, only people with empathy can solve it. Unfortunately, I see more and more of the me generation from broken homes and spoiled lives with little empathy for even the parents that raised them. If I had a wish it would be to "fix" the family unit in this country and turn off the television to go meet your neighbor.

12 years ago

I'm with you Hana!