No More Glasses – An Optical Conspiracy?

I ran out of contacts lens supply finally, a little over the year’s worth. I didn’t budget to buy more. So I am in a kind of glasses purgatory. And it’s got me thinking…

It has got me thinking about why I need eye crutches at all. Is it possible that eye doctors are simply in the lens-selling and laser treatment-selling business? And that the large profits there prevents them from helping your eyes see better on their own?

I met a guy recently that works for a high end optical shop. He is personally confounded by the profits that are made on lenses for glasses where he works. They cost a couple of bucks to manufacture then he sells them for hundreds. I noticed this when I went to Pakistan: perfectly good lenses, made to order, ready next day, 10 bucks, with frames.

I think there is a conspiracy here against healthy eyes. I wonder how long it will take me “exercising” my vision before it improves to where I can drive without vision correction?

Time to find out…

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11 years ago

How has it been going without glasses?
I’ve just been prescribed some and im thinking they will make my eyes weaker over time hence needing more and more lenses over time.
Please let me know by email too (copy & paste) as im interested in your opinion.
Thanks for your time.

11 years ago

Just out of interested, did this go anywhere? :)

10 years ago

This is very interesting to me. There’s big business behind it, just like caffeine, tobacco, alkohol and fluoride.