New Goals

Grafitti - Ocean Beach

I took about an hour, sat out in the sunshine and thought about what I wanted to accomplish in the next few years. Here’s what I came up with (they say you should always write your goals down):

Fitness Goals:

  • Target Weight: 170 lbs
  • Resting Pulse: ~40 beats per minute
  • Endurance: Run 5 miles without stopping
  • Strength: Do 3 pullups
  • Flexibility: Maintain & slightly increase
  • Balance: Maintain & slightly increase
  • Self-Defense: Master a self-defense technique (fighting, learn to use a gun, etc.)
  • Competition: Engage in at least 1 competitive activity (triathlon, basketball, volleyball, softball, etc.)

Educational Goals:

  • Government/Politics: Judicial Law (American Law) B.S.
  • Humanities: Psychology B.S.
  • Bodywork: Reflexology, Thai Massage, Reiki 2, Yoga instructor certifications
  • Business: Continue real-world training, operation of own business
  • Religion: Become more fluent in Asian religions, Native American religions
  • Practical: Cosmetology certification (learn to cut hair)

Family Goals:

  • Visit at least 2 times/year
  • Start my own family in next 3 years

Travel Goals:

  • Visit all 50 states
  • Visit all 7 continents

Social Goals:

  • Hang out with a non-roommate friend 2 times/month, working toward 1 time/week

Artisitic Goals:

  • Continue writing, take one class in an art form (singing, painting, dancing, etc.)

Financial Goals:

  • Pay down debt not being used according to budget design
  • Give back 10% to charity when debt pay-down goals are being met
  • Develop charity strategy

Ocean Beach Sunset

I don’t know what the picture of this Ocean beach sunset has to do with my new goals, but let’s just go with it…

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17 years ago

Awesome picture. I like the lines in the clouds and the waves, they seem to work together very well with the sunset.