Moving On

So this garage sale today ended up being somewhat therapeutic. I was able to sell a lot of things I’ve had packed as storage from my former life as an engineer 6+ years ago. Specifically, I parted with a lot of kitchen stuff that I was always saving up for that special someone I would move in with who might need my kitchen supplies.

I also decided to part with my “library”, a heavy collection of books I’ve enjoyed during and since college. I was happy to pass so many on to their new owners, figuring they will do the world much more good in others’ possesion. It was cool to see the dozens and dozens of books laid out, kind of exposing the stuff I had been feeding my brain the past decade. A lot of books on spirituality, wealth-building, government/spy/economics/crime novels, various religious texts as well as anti-relgious texts, poetry books, and classics/assigned reading in college, nutrition/diet, and landscaping/plants.

In a way, it feels like I’m trusting the universe to provide a wonderful future for me and that I don’t really have to hold onto much.

I’m in a giving phase, and it feels good.

I was visited by John Avalos, who I enjoyed chatting with and sharing the blueberry-mint lemonade I had made earlier in the day. I signed his petition for superintendent and remarked that I had voted for him for mayor and was sorry that he hadn’t won. I also met several other neighbors and members of the neighborhood watch committee, which I became a member of. I also rememeber remarking to Avalos that I guess I’m finally accepting that I “live” in the Excelsior. I had only planned to live here about 3 months, for the past 5 years. I still really enjoy it here and will probably keep settling in and letting a couple more roots grow out.

To moving on….