Mortal Dream (102/365)

Skating downhill on a fast board
Re-tucking my credit cards into my pocket
Hoping no one notices

Running over a child’s toes
Sorry’s not good enough
The old lady gets bumped on the way

Haunted by a 2-headed siamese demon
Looking forward to the next high
With his pants down

He moves into my loft
Violence ensues
I’m thrown over the balcony

I return in a fury
He bites, I scratch, I beat him down
Until there are 2 of them

I’ve forgotten to love
In the midst of my fear
And in doing so, revealed my mortality

I flipped the switch
In my dark heart
And the demons became sweet cherubs under my fists

I released my grip
And stroked their foreheads
I bathed them in love, ashamed but forgiven