More Thoughts

I’ve been dwelling on the idea that God dwells in everyone and everything, and that is how "he" experiences himself. In us, God sees the world through the human experience. When you meet someone, sometimes you feel like you have met them before, or that you have known them forever. It is because you have! We are all one energy, experiencing this life through many eyes. Our carnal selves see each other through evolutionary eyes–is this person a good mate? Are they safe? Are they my friend or enemy? Etc.

But our eternal selves are there beneath the carnal selves…Recognizing God in others. The Hindus greet each other with hands in a prayer position, saying "Namaste," literally "The divine in me bows to the divine in you."

Try looking at others in this light and notice how you feel.

I told my roommates my deep thoughts on this yesterday and they said "Yep, without even attending a Unitarian church you are a Unitarian Universalist." It’s like the Swami Satchidananda said, "I am not Hindu, I am Un-do." We are here to Un-do all the misperceptions we collect along the way that have programmed us to believe we are fundamentally seperate or different than each other. In reality, We are ONE!