Meandering Journey

All Rivers lead to the Ocean

My high school coach/guidance counselor’s words would turn out to be prophetic: It may take Christina a while to find her niche in life; I can see her with multiple degrees.

When you feel totally clueless about the next step to take in life, what do you do? I’m thinking it may be time to go back to school, and/or do some traveling.

My horoscope in Vanity Fair magazine has been dead-on for as long as I’ve been reading it, maybe about 5 or 6 years at least. Call it self-fulfilling, or what you will, but there was only one time where it didn’t fit my situation at all–a pretty good track record. They are usually not negative, but the last one said something about someone else ruining your dream for you, and I knew it would likely be my dream of settling down and starting a family soon. My relationship is just too complicated for that, and I’m feeling more and more that I haven’t found the right partner for that dream.

So onto the next dream.

When I think back to my childhood for direction, I recall my classmates often remarking that I would be the President of the USA someday. It’s funny how something like that sticks with you. Some people get told they should be a model, or a comedian, or a mommy, but I think because I was always the top student in the small schools I attended in the Midwest, my peers thought an over-acheiver would make a good President.

The fact that George W Bush has been in power for two terms gives me some confidence I, or just about anyone of reasonable intelligence for that matter, could run this great country. But seriously, that job would be a daunting undertaking, assuming grave personal risk, and huge responsibility, and you’d be a fool to assume you could do it easily.

But I do have an interest in government, law, psychology, leadership, foreign affairs, and ethics, so who knows? I may be able to contribute to the shaping and direction of this country eventually, in some capacity. I wouldn’t mind leaving a stamp in history as one that helped steer the little human colony of America in the most noble direction possible. To somehow promote and distill the best of human potential into every decision made at the representative level, forsaking the traps of power, bribery, and half-truths so rampant in today’s politics. To make government as lean and efficient as possible, so that it is not so vulnerable to be stretched and warped by so many individuals and special interest groups at so many levels. And to help define our place in the world, not as shotgun imperialist, but as a uniting and defending force with other world colonies that share our core values.

But for now, I’ll just continue to seek and learn whatever I can until I am compelled to a certain path.

Time for another step in my meandering journey.

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16 years ago

you’d be a kick butt president! :)