Making the Ordinary Sacred

'I light a candle when I go to fold my laundry.' When I heard a yoga teacher say that, it both repelled and appealed to me. But her words stuck with me, and helped me tonight when I noticed how dirty the kitchen floor had gotten in 2 days. The kitchen floor is one of my house chores here, and my first reaction was 'I don't want to have to sweep right now.'

But I got out the broom and meditated on my teacher's words and gratefulness. I am lucky to have a nice place to live and lucky that I am healthy and able to sweep a floor. I am grateful for roommates that make me smile, even if they track dirt in the house. I am grateful for the cats whose litter is caught in the rug, but who bring joy and companionship to my life.

A floor is easier to sweep when seen as a chance to be grateful, rather than a mundane waste of time & energy.