Living (6/365)

How I wish these paved streets
Were still grassy meadows
Then I could feel your life
Under my feet

Persistent sprouts crack
The sidewalk
Like a man buried alive
Clawing its way to the surface

I can’t tell if I am nearer
Or farther from the
Energy source
Living in the city

There is so much more
And so many more

Am I really living?
I mean really living?

Is God like a million strings
Attached to my body?
I can move but I must
Be ever conscious of the tension

The guiding forces
That choose my steps for me
Open my mouth
And guide my hands

So how do I live?

The greatest commandment
Is to love one another
Or at least
Do no harm

And don’t draw too much attention
To yourself
Or others will notice
Your broken strings
And scoff