Lincoln, Anna Karenina, Argo

What a perfect trio of movies
A lot of crying going on
A lot of letting go
Like giving someone food
When they’ve been a starving beggar for years
Wealth is a greedy beggar
Until your heart is right
Love is a greedy beggar
Until you learn to love
Grant that I not so much seek to be consumed
As to consume

So then am I giving my body
Or a promise?
And don’t confuse the two,
As if your nakedness were sacred.
That’s not my world.
No longer defined by the structure
I navigate freely through structure
I’m a free spirit
There were clues, you know
The six food Asian redhead
Mother Nature showing up at Cobleigh Hall
The poetry
The boy fresh from England
With the pierced lip
And blue and purple hair
God, I wanted the Other
Anything must be better than home
Out there are riches
Happiness, abundance
Non-judgmental people
People who could interrupt impulse
And laugh at dinner parties

If his love left, then it’s gone
No use pining for it
You can’t raise the dead
It was a week’s affair
That became three years
Because I needed it to
I needed to know I could be loved
And not settle for
The first man who wouldn’t leave me
Why this grabbing hearts?
Fist-fulls of love
As if the supply was limited
It’s the way we have motivated
We made it love-less
When it’s about the metrics
You lose the humanity
Find all your “shoulds”
Throw them in a big pile
“Shoulds” give you fear of death
Playing with our basest nature
Of course the dark sides will come out to play
Forget your marriage
Forget your conventions – We have to write our own rules

Love and Money
Are the same
And we are confused about both
Money is the currency of Love
Love is Appreciation
The perfect reciprocation
That meets everyone’s needs
We are so one-sided
We can’t afford families
While the rich save – for what?
Why not show others some
Everyone’s too scared to be appreciated
What if I helped you?
Really helped you?
What is that worth?
I want to be the most helpful person on the planet
Everyone I contact
Will be helped by me
I can do it right now with my love
With my good intentions
A non-judgmental smile that reads,
“I love you, and I don’t even know you.”
I can love you with my peaceful energy
With my calmness and beauty
I can never say no
Unless it keeps me from helping
Directly or indirectly
Sometimes helpful means quiet
Sometimes it means speaking up
Just have a heart for service
And you will be appreciated
No one dearly loved
Ever died of hunger