Leaving Dodge

I thought it might do me good to get out of town this weekend and spend time with family. I'm so lucky to have that core group of people that love me unconditionally and whom I know will be there for me through hard times.

I decided this yesterday and got a good price on an oversold flight to Lewiston, ID. A couple days with my parents and a few days in Bozeman with my sister's family should do me good.

I'm exhausted from working a full schedule and moving all my worldly possesions across the earth, getting no help or support from the man that supposedly loves me, and dealing with a car accident and news that I have to be out of my massage space in 1.5 months. I started to think that if everything I owned burned to the ground, it wouldn't be so bad!

So here's to family, a change of pace, and fresh mountain air…