Lead Us to Higher Ground

It’s a hard pill to swallow
When our leaders fail us
The day I realized my parents were human
I felt a loss
And a relief

It is easy to be angry at someone
Who teaches us to be perfect
Then fails to be perfect themselves
Many in my life failed in their examples

A preacher and grandfather
Turned child molester
Bill Clinton
Yoga Swami with the most beautiful teachings
Abusing his power and covering his indiscretions in deceit

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

We hate to see the humanity in our leaders
We want to believe that we can be as perfect and beautiful as they say we can be.
But who among us never fails?

As the amount of information available to us in this Information Age continues to increase, our leaders will be exposed 360 degrees for the bruised sack of bones, blood, & nerves that delivers every message and action.

We all have the potential to train our minds and bodies to stay out of the way of the light wanting to shine through us.

Our leaders have a responsibility to admit when they have acted on their lower natures.

And we have an obligation to recognize them for being simply human; holding onto what beauty they delivered, and learning from their failures.