Just One (173/365)

Living on the edge of sanity
Jittery behind the wheel
Reacting to your friends a game
A habit of a fool
For emotions should be called upon
In times of dire need
Not tossed around untruthfully
Preventing you from truly feeling
Your interactions a charade
Not even close to two hearts meeting
But perhaps we wear these shields
For fear of blood brothers and sisters
144 ways to differ
Then a thousand more degrees
I’m attracted to the different
I’m a curious thirsty creature
So tired of living in just one body
Even with TV and teachers
But I dare not get too close
I could merge with you so easy
Then my lover would be angry
And my own body would miss me
But it’s hard to love others as yourself
Yet keep them on a higher shelf
As if they were chotchkies
Small items of interest
And not supernovas or bright as sunsets