Just Dance

What is beyond our dreams?
When there is nothing to do or be
What is this drive
Does it copulate like I do?
Send me to someone who will open new doors for me?

I dove deep
And I’m not the one, not the one
But I can’t tell them that
When my presence can give life

We are all vibrating
Different frequencies
Gathering to resonate
No, no, no, no
Finally a yes
Don’t water what you don’t want to grow
Fuck your jobs
Make love to them
As if they made you deliriously happy

Except in our country
We build to eat
A game of grow grow grow
But some of us are tired of the game
We want a new game

Where would authenticity take us?
Or is it just testosterone disguised as honesty?
Can I be reduced to my chemistry
My fucked-up overdrive traced back through my bloodlines
Nature rewarding the over-strivers

Ah–never thought of it that way
Nature rewarding the consumer with her bounty
As if it were her idea

But it’s not
It’s a dance
We move, she moves

(Can we trust the hive-mind to lead our steps? Or do we need better leadership?)

I digress

Tonight I’m empty
I have no dreams
This feels like a great loss
Like a pity
So unAmerican

I’m back in high school
An achiever with no community
No one to love
I venture out of my cave
Belong or create

Or can I just breathe

What does unemployment mean
Such a sterile word
So many must know now
Depression/suicide, stress, unhealthy habits, risks of addiction, loneliness, isolation, loss of skills, reduced quality of life, lower pay for all, loss of trust in government/political instability

I feel that pain
I’ve courted this lover
And we all need to keep pulling people out of the muck
Trust in your spirit
Which has a destiny mapped by the choices of your ancestors
Within the freedom granted by your environment

And just dance