Indulging in Human Pleasures

I’m wearing my Anger Management T-Shirt today. I got it at one of the best concerts I have ever attended, the Anger Management Tour featuring Ludicrous, Papa Roach, and Eminem, several years ago.

I was thinking that anger has to be included on the list of guilty pleasures we indulge in.

Some people are angry too much, like a person that eats too much ice cream. They give into the anger impulse too frequently.

Going to an angry rock concert is like having dessert.

Understanding and maybe justice are the real foods to satisfy anger, but sometimes the body just wants to indulge in the emotion.

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15 years ago

You mean yesterday where I had to have my sister talk me down from putting nails in front of a garage in my neighborhood. The same guy who decided it would be fun to tear around the neighborhood on his ATV at 2:00 a.m. the night before. I’ll settle for some police next time and the non-emergency police number next to my phone for quick access. Still, I think I would have appreciated beauty of a simple nail in a tire more.