I’m About to Marry a Cat, and other insights

I’ve had 2 great insights today…I’ll start with the hypothesis that is most easy to prove:
#1: I’m dating a cat.

For starters, he meows at the front door to be let in. Okay, not actually meows, but he calls my cell phone when he is ready to come in, and it has the same effect. When he does come in, he makes a beeline for the nearest sofa or bed, and asks for a massage. He purrs. He treats my furniture and belongings like they are all his. If you have a cat, you will understand this phenomenon: For example, my genetic cat will hop onto my roommate’s bed and will actually get mad and hiss when my roommate tries to move the cat or sit on her own bed. Once a cat sits on something, it is hers. My boyfriend does the same thing…he walks into MY room, sits on MY bed, and claims one side of the bed for himself. Once he has touched the remote control, don’t even THINK about it! HELLO, it’s MY remote control!

Then when he is done getting petted and having all the attention he wants, he leaves. He might make small talk with others on his way out the door, but only if he feels like it. He doesn’t get along with other cats, in fact he hates other cats. He actually hisses at my cat sometimes. He claims to be allergic, but I think its just territorial! He doesn’t particularly like dogs, especially ones that jump on you, but he tolerates them.

He is obsessed with being clean…he showers and grooms himself more than anyone I know, and always smells good. He is extremely independent unless he needs something. Need I say more. Well, I say don’t get a cat unless you can take care of a cat, and what can I say, I love cats!