Identity Theft Probably Won’t…Oops, Just Did.

True story:
When I tried to e-file my tax return this year, TurboTax came back with an ominous message: “Duplicate return, e-file not accepted.” I was told to mail in my return instead. What?

Later did I learn, this is one of the biggest growing areas of identity theft: Someone works under your SSN and files a return before you do! How you find out? “Duplicate Return”!

If you have credit monitoring or Identity Theft coverage with your major bank, they will not handle this situation for you. You need more protection.

While I’m on the subject, have you heard about the newest disturbing area of identity theft? MEDICAL identity theft. Someone gets your insurance card, gets their UNIVERSAL FREE HEALTH CARE in your name, which then messes up YOUR health records. I got my wallet stolen last year on MUNI with my Kaiser card in it. This is serious stuff.

Identity theft victims spend anywhere from 30-330 hours restoring their own identity records after a breach. Do you have this kind of spare time? Or hair to be pulled?

With PPL Identity Theft Shield, a licensed investigator with Kroll, the world’s leading risk consulting company (renowned for its legacy of investigative and forensics experience: hired by the Kuwati government to track down Saddam Hussein’s assets, also helped find Enron’s assets), will be assigned to your case and will spend 50 hours restoring your identity on your behalf.

I am a subscriber to Pre-Paid Legal Services, but I didn’t sign up for their Identity Theft Shield product right away. I liked the idea of calling a lawyer anytime I needed to, but I didn’t think identity theft was that big of a risk. It is! Unfortunately, it won’t cover a pre-existing condition, so let my situation inform you that you need to have this protection in place ahead of time.

We have the best value in the marketplace and a truly unique product with investigative restoration services. One subscription protects your whole family and children, starting at $10.95/month in combo with our legal plans, or $13.95/month as a stand-alone product.

Get all the facts, then I invite you to sign up here asap (like I just did):

Stay yourself!


Christina McKinstry
legalsf at

Last month’s mailing: <- look at our plan details <- company overview (aka, a company about to become a household name. $1Billion just invested in PPL by Mid-Ocean Partners)

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