I’m in the middle of a fun experiment
No really, a happy experiment
I want to know if a disciplined person
Can simply chase her pleasures
And attract the life of her dreams
Her dormant, closeted dreams
Which lack a bridge from the now
The test is whether joy lights the paths
That the heart desires
Since the mind gets stuck in the mud

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13 years ago

Some affirmation:

"Often we think that we need to look perfect and be polished to get respect, to be taken seriously, to be considered worthy, to be good enough. Worse, we think our intellect will get us through most, if not all, situations. And in that space, we will NEVER find our core Question (or our Answer). You see, THINKING simply will not get us there.

Why? Because our intellect is NOT in charge of this show – our emotions are. Did you know that 90% of our responses are emotional – ninety percent! And our emotions respond 400x faster than our intellect – 400x! By the time our intellect catches up, our emotions are way off in the distance, taking the lead."