Humble Yourself (189/365)

If you had the courage to go naked for one day
Admit you didn’t know it all
And wander humbly toward the East
Staying alert for mind-bending soul-snatchers
You might be pleasantly surprised
And find yourself sufficiently nourished by the delightful taste of truth
At every vendor
A sensation you recognized from a long time ago
But since veiled in thick metal armour
And armed with a sword of fear
Stabbing perilously at any perceived threat
To its own confidence and superiority
Building castles and recruiting soldiers in the name of God
Is it any wonder why the rest of the world distrusts us?

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14 years ago

When I read the world humble, I often think of the concept of how the world would treat your thought life if those around you could hear your every thought…eventually the conflict with others who read your thought life would shape you to be humble. This might be especially true if you could hear the thoughts of others about you. Once this experiment leaves me, I am remeinded that God can read my every thought and to be humble before him.