Horoscope: Dec 13-19


This reading was scarily timely:

ARIES (March 21-April 19): You've hit a critical checkpoint in the battle to see your worldly ambitions manifest a significant outward impact. Having put so much blood, sweat and tears on the line, Aries, you should now be recognizing how much advancement you've made… and how much further there still is to go. You in-the-moment Aries folks are renowned for being better at starting things than following through to the end with them, though the unavoidable challenge ahead requires you to maintain a strategic perseverance (perhaps over several years even) that consistently prioritizes this ultimate goal over the minute-by-minute impulses to dash toward something more immediately exciting. That's not to say you won't have plenty of that impulsive get-up-and-go—it picks up again once Jupiter re-enters Aries next month. However, no matter how the temporary bursts of momentum come and go, charge and sputter, you've got to chomp down unwaveringly on that golden key to future fulfillment like a dog who'd maul anyone that tries to take his bone. This is not an easy posture to hold for long spans of time, and therefore it's perfectly acceptable if you're reaching the realization you don't have the wherewithal or desire to 'see it all the way through'. Be honest with yourself: Either recommit to adamantly refusing to budge from this dream, or come to peace with your urge to try a different dream for a while.