Hit Bottom

Oh, the delirious pride that comes before a fall
If you can’t speak with calmness
You’re not really angry
You’re hurt
You’re an animal
Feral and all claws
Fierce and ugly
Protecting the life that’s not yours to begin with
And now you know where you really stand
And it’s two steps back

Now I’m aware
Of the first release of panic chemical
And the troubling thoughts that follow
And I know now to put my love filter in
And start using my words
To create harmony in my environment
Because people who don’t use their words
Control and manipulate
By force or by silence and distance
But we know love won by control
Is not won at all
It will flee at the first open door

And all this talk about Laws of Attraction
Has me thinking…
There has to be a way to ask for what you need/desire
In a prayerful spirit
Like the religions teach
Without any desire to control the outcome
With a respectful appreciation of the myriad forces
Which desire mutually beneficial outcomes

Because if you don’t trust that your environment can support you
It will be a battle
And you will not win.