Graze the Roof

Coming hone from a lovely morning at Glide Methodist Church, where I got to take a tour of their rooftop urban garden. It was very inspiring and I am excited to try something like that at home. I got to pick and eat a carrot, some arugula, wild strawberry, peas, and nibble on a mint leaf. The tour guide brought up the movie "Queen of the Sun" about honeybees. Having gotten interested in this topic after Ellen Paige's appearance on Bill Maher, I went to see the film at the Roxie after the tour.

I was amazed to learn how 3/4 of America's bees are literally trucked to California each year for 2 weeks for the almond tree blossoming. I enjoyed the neurotoxin talk about pesticides, and am now wondering if Fibromyalgia may have a honey-ingesting or pesticide relation. It is deeply moving how taking the "love" out of business causes us to rape the environment.