Forgot how to love

And rehashing
And finding out how much I value ethics
Especially when the outcomes affect hard working people
And so tired of consumerism
As much as I love fashion
And art
I’d love to see things done
For other than the almighty dollar
And the ethics of trading
And it’s ok to gamble on a house
Someone else’s future home
And their food and energy supply
Because hey! You could lose too.
Forget the fact that people have very basic needs
In order to prevent societal collapse
And everyone might be willing to work
But some might not like big risks at wrong times
In a country that rewards risk
The debt ceiling is forever raised
Because we’re good for it, we promise!
We’re not educating or taking care of our people anymore but you can count on us to come through!
Well, maybe a few will, and maybe they won’t love our country enough to take care of her
We’ve been isolated from each other a long time now
But we’re all chasing the dollar together
Waiting to be inspired
At the wealth our love could create
But we forgot how to love.