Fat and Happy

The warm air surrounds me like a soup
As I zip through it
I penetrate the darkness a little further
Find another glorious edge
I can’t wait to tell everyone the story

Just as the joy crescendos
I hit a pack of tourists
No, zombies
The zombies are not hungry
I begin to understand murder
Recognize sanity in a vagabond

The wind blows away my murderous thoughts
And gratitude finds me a little further down the road
I am exactly where I wanted to be
And it’s oh so satisfying
Not even close to cold in the dark of night

I remember that I escaped the hard life
Through the strength of my endurance
I desired an easier path
More connection, more dependence, more abundance
I desired so much.

Leaving behind the gritting of teeth,
The raising of voices
The nails digging into flesh
The gleam of the butcher knife
The madness and folly of self determination

And jumped onto that roller coaster
Diving dangerously close to death
Spilling the change from my pockets
Leaving me breathless
Weightless, penniless
Completely dependent

Ready to receive
Ready to be a woman
Ready for a new life
Ready to love
Ready to manifest