Eye Experiments Update

20/20 Vision Naturally

To summarize, in the past almost 3 years, I have tried: Going without glasses/contacts for over a year (no improvement, and some scary night-driving), eye exercises (no improvement), eye relaxation exercises (hints of improvement), and now eye-patch wearing (not enough data). I’ve learned:

(1) simply not-wearing glasses makes no changes to the vision. The eyes are “used” to being blurry and won’t “try” harder just because there’s no “crutch”.

(2) Eye exercises seem to stimulate tear production, balanced musculature, and cause relaxation in overworked muscles. These may be worth doing at least every other day

(3) Eye relaxation exercises are the most difficult but probably the most useful thing, Related:

(4) Focus exercises: Focused relaxation seems to be the most helpful. But it takes focused effort. It’s an actual step-change in trying to “see” better.

(5) Eye patch: I learned wearing it over the “bad” eye was more effective than wearing it over the “good” eye. Seems the “bad” eye may be straining more than the good eye, and benefits from relaxation. I suspect my right eye got pretty bad from inspecting my own hair of split ends from right around age 12, when my vision became so bad I had to start wearing glasses/contacts.

Things I haven’t tried (yet):

-Drastic diet changes (eliminate alcohol, eat more liver, etc.)

-Acid/base experimentation (though I did experiment with Iron/Calcium balance some last year

-long-term eye patch experiment (wearing it 3-4 hours/day)