Eye Experiments, Day 5

I guess today was more like a natural day off from my eye experiments, which is good because I have a hard time planning time off generally! Had to wear regular prescription today in order not to strain to see the speakers at the Day of Tikkun conference, which was incredibly inspiring, by the way. Definitely feel like I’m at the right place, right time. Finally :)

Will take another day off from eye experiments tomorrow as I will be driving most of the day. Did notice a headache around the eyes today though. Also, I noticed I needed to lift my eyebrows more to see more clearly without correction in left eye. This should upgrade my appearance as well, no eyelift surgery needed! Just have to remember to keep the eyelids slightly raised at all times, which feels like work still.

Feet Experiment:
I feel that my feet are much stronger. My calves are still extra-tight from all the extra work, so I’m hoping that will go away in a couple of weeks. Probably still need more water generally.

Life is good.