Experiments Galore, bwahaha

Eye Experiment (20/20 no surgery): after failing to buy contact solution two days in a row now, I will be going another day without any contact lenses or glasses. I kind of like these happy errors, they seem to help my scientific process. My eyes adjusted well to no correction at all today. I actually started having 20/20 flashes again, which was exciting. So from here on out, I will try to do 2 days no correction, 2 days equal -1.25 correction, and 2-4 days no exercises and perhaps full correction (-1.25/-3.00) on one of those days.

A great benefit I’m already getting is more eyebrow lift in my left eye. I am starting to look more symmetrical in a mirror which helps my beauty as well :-D

Foot experiment:
I’m getting more prominent foot arches, now into my fourth week of wearing flat-soled shoes and pushing off the balls of my feet consciously. My left foot especially gets tired quickly but I feel the postural benefits all over. My belly sticks out less. It’s a muscle soreness in the arch near the metatarsals and not an aching pain feeling in the heel like I used to get when i’d walk incorrectly.

More beautiful feet too, yay!!

My life is getting exponentially more awesome. Life is but a dream — a really freakin persistent dream.