Everything All Together At Once

Getting drawn-in to a drunk stranger
The body’s chemicals igniting
The myriad of processes churning
My electrical, my bacteria, my structural, my forever
Chattering observer
An annoying tour guide
But someone I’m quite attached to
We have fun together
But sometimes
It all starts to unravel again
And I fear being pulled into
The all-connected bliss
Where I cease to exist again
Because in that network
Nothing matters
Whether you live or die
It makes no difference
Because it was all just a merry dream
Row, row, rowing your boat
And with a foot in both worlds
Each vying for your full attention
You’ve got to avoid the stuff that tips your boat over
Because being a drop in the ocean is helpful
Only so much as it enables you to live
Your most awesome earth experience
So that
As the tension builds
Upon the billions of years that brought the sun’s light to our synapses
We are realizing
We are caught up in each other’s dreams
In this age of information
What can light do?
Where can light go?
And why should light care?
Because I’m only a third of the way there and I’m already
Tiring of the trivia, tiring of being half-animal
And half-enlightened
But at the same time enjoying the show.
Playing my character to the best of her ability
And constantly looking over my shoulder at what our expectations are creating.
The trick seems to be becoming easeful
That seems to work,
And accepting that being human means
You’re tempted by oblivion
But exalted by engagement