Einstein’s God

Some of my favorite passages:

Nature of God (p276):

"God is patient and subtle. God works through process and not through magic, not through snapping the divine fingers. That's what we learn from seeing the history of creation as science has revealed it. And I think that tells us something about how God acts generally. When you think about it, if God is really a God whose nature is best described as being the God of love, then that is how love will work. Not by overwhelming force, but by persuasive process."


"If creatures are going to make themselves, to explore this potentiality, there will be blind alleys and ragged edges in that exploration…It's the shadow side of a world allowed to make itself."

Chaos and Creation (p267)

"There's a very interesting scientific insight which says that regions where real novelty occurs, where really new things happen that you haven't seen before, are always regions on the edge of chaos…If you're too much on the orderly side of that borderline, everything is so rigid that nothing really new happens. You just get rearrangements. If you're too far on the haphazard side, nothing persists, everything just falls apart…Where order and disorder interlace, where really new things happen, [that's] where the action is, if you like."

Love & Depression (p233)

"And the feeling of love couldn't exist without a range of other feelings that surround it, the primary one being the fear of loss. If the loss of someone you love didn't make you sad, then what substance would the love have? Therefore the emotional range that includes great sadness and great pain is essential to the kind of love and attachment that we form."

Darwin on death (p113)

"Sic transit gloria mundi with a vengeance"

"And so passes the world with a vengeance"

The death of one person is nothing compared with the death of millions of species throughout recorded history in the collapse of the solar system.