Eating Vegan

Okay, first off, I am not trying to tell you I am vegan now. I love me some dairy, and a life without milk chocolate sounds sad.

One thing that keeps me from doing it is knowing that I will become a sensitive sissy if I do. Here's the analogy: If you take someone that smokes a pack a day and you have them smoke one more cigarette, they will hardly notice any effect. But if you have a young child (or me) with nice pink lungs smoke one, they will feel like they are choking themselves.

There's something about switching your diet to eliminate the middle man (the animals that come between the seeds, plants and your stomach) that re-trains your stomach to operate on a new level of efficiency, or so I've been told.

People always ask me how I get enough protein on my diet sans meat, as if I'm wasting away. People in this country are so used to planning their meals around the meat that they can't imagine a meal without it. There is so much prejudice in the athletic world that I want to get back into full time training just to show people you don't NEED meat. Look at the elephant…no meat, no problem. I wouldn't mess with an elephant OR call one a sissy.