Dust In the Wind?

All we are is light
Getting excited
About taking us to another level

Billions of
Layered over rainbows

All we are
On a cellular level
Is light moving very quickly

And if you can bring yourself
To the frequency of a dog
Of a cat
Or a baby
Your own heart
A blade of grass

You’ll notice that
Underneath those symphonies of frequencies
Exists a layer of being
That feels a lot like light.

And how does light feel?

It feels like air
Like water
Like sound
Like love.

And if we can relate to each other on the level of light,
You’ll find just a lot of bouncing around
A lot of give and take,
A lot of doing whatever comes naturally,
Boldly, freely, without pause,
Reflection, or company.
A lot of being and doing.
A lot of trust,
Hearts wide open
Communing with all that is.

A song you’re always in the mood for,
A dance to a rhythm you were born with,
A colorful, powerful orgasm across the universe.