Doped Up

Did you know that there’s a little chemical in your body that is activated by cuddling, and causes you to feel relaxed and MONOGAMOUS? I’m pretty sure the MONOGAMOUS effect is gender-specific – i.e. women start feeling monogamous. Not fair.

Did you know you can overdose on oxytocin, if you get too much at once (like during orgasm), you will feel like pushing a person away from you rather than cuddling(?), wow! A solution is to cuddle at times OTHER than sex to keep the chemical more constant. It is activated during activities such as petting a cat, which explains my cat’s reaction when I pet her too long . Apparently her oxytocin tolerance is much lower than mine.

I’m sure there is some relation to oxytocin and massage. We have had one or two semi-creepy clients ask for super light strokes, which probably sets off the nerves the most quickly to instantly produce the chemical. Junkies.

I remember being totally grossed out in high school when my 2 best friends (you know who you are!) would spend waaay too long stroking each other’s bare feet. I suppose I assumed there would be some kind of side-effect sexual stimulation that I wanted no part of. But I guess I have experienced many times that you can give a massage, or pet a cat, with absolutely no sexual “firings” of any kind, so perhaps it was all too cautious.

The next problem is withdrawl. Couples can literally become addicted to each other for this substance.

Doped up.

I <3 Chemistry.