Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Lulled into promises of safety
Anesthetized by your labor
Working paycheck to paycheck
With no end in sight
Sitting at the bottom of a corporate pyramid
Feeling the weight of the wallets above you
Glancing up through that glass ceiling
You’re agreeing to a culture that’s half-alive
And family relations that are half-destroyed
Cause the work’s not that important
If you can’t share your love
And what will you do when the layoffs come?
Where there’s a will, there’s a way
To live the life of your dreams
Don’t just passively agree with whoever dreamed this scheme

2 thoughts on “Don’t Get Too Comfortable

  1. This is very timely and hits very close to home. Well written…how the hell were you ever an engineer?

    • Ah, hahaha, yeah, I didn’t last long! I guess sometimes you need to just experience things so you can write about them :-) Thanks, and glad you enjoyed.

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