Doing the Small Things Well

It’s a gorgeous evening in the city. The clouds are rolling in from the ocean, passing over me here in Dolores Park. It’s just after yoga and I happened upon this group of people waiting to watch some films on a screen set up in the park. Looking around at all the groups of people gathered on this beautiful, breezy evening, everyone is happy and smiling. It’s almost eerie how happy everyone is. Balls are being tossed to dog companions, frisbees are being thrown back and forth, and soccer balls kicked between friends, as the sun sinks in the sky and the breeze picks up.

Today’s thought is about doing something small well. I heard an interview with a famous Egyptologist & Archaeologist (sp?) on the radio, and he shared that when he first announced his profession to a woman he was dating, that she laughed at him. At that time, archaeology was not a reputable profession. But he ended up being one of the most respected professionals in the world, and his advice was, whatever you are doing, no matter how small or seemingly unimportant, do it well, and success will come to you. On his journey, he first thought he wanted to be a lawyer, because they were considered successful, but found that he hated studying law. He eventually found his love, and poured his heart into it.