Does Anyone Love America Amymore?

Insanely wealthy
And morally bankrupt
Is this what we’ve become?
Dollars talk to politicians
Suits getting paid to talk
Puppets of mass destruction
Erode the rules
And control the riots

As much as we like freedom
There is no freedom where there are no boundaries

Our children are off limits
Our homes are off limits
Our food is off limits
Our bodies are off limits
Our education is off limits
Our sex is off limits
Our media is off limits
You can’t keep taking

Does anyone love America anymore?
Or has she been too permissive
Too indulgent
Too open with her legs
Has she been acting too much like a man?

We are not making love to her
All these dirty businessmen spending all their time with their mistresses
Treating her like the loveless wealthy wife
The necessary nuisance
It takes two to ruin a relationship
Meanwhile, no one is loving her, so
Her stewards started pimping her out
And now she’s crying
On the floor of the whorehouse.