Different stuff


Valeted cars tonight in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in town, near the Getty residence. I found something highly amusing, a box with a bunch of throw-away items in it. Now, in my part of town, a throw-away pile would consist of a plastic shopping bag or two, ripped, stuffed with cheap, unfashionable clothes you would never wear, many stained or smelly, worn-out shoes, and maybe some random kids’ toy parts strewn into the sidewalk.

This stash was in a large, sturdy cardboard box. The first thing I noticed, after a graduation cap and gown, was a tuxedo suit jacket and pants. There was also a small bag filled with random holiday, birthday, and graduation cards, and a couple of sturdy candle holders and some small candles. I took the cards to open later, on the off-chance there might be money in them (silly me! Do wealthy people even bother putting cash in cards for each other?). But what really cracked me up was finding a once-used tuxedo in a throw-away box in a wealthy neighborhood. Classic.