Day blog

Settling in
It found me
Sitting in my feminine
My favorite mode
Put on a flashy outfit
One that reflects my mood
And let them find you
This is the do-over
Will I rush in, mad and worried?
Or will I breathe
And execute
No rush
No spinning of wheels
No pounding down doors
Just solid actions

The Universe has simple laws
And your body knows the way
Even if your consciousness doesn’t know it
Three pounds of bacteria talk to your brain

Earlier today, I played with a swarm of bees
Like a pitbull
They just wanted to test whether I was afraid
I was not
I earned their respect

I watched a live birth on video
the whole thing
for the first time
and it put the fear in me
it’s good not to have any delusions
Though i wonder if she had listened to her own cues to push,
whether she could have avoided the hemorraging

I’m in a health experiment
Like always
Since my last trip to Pakistan
I’ve gained and gained the weight
Now I have work and a new chapter
so we will see where the rhythms take me