Day 8 of 30: No more glasses

Whether or not my vision is improving, it seems not wearing glasses/contacts is making my romantic life exponentially better day by day. Ironic that I attract even better-looking men when I can’t actually see them clearly. Pause for your joke. Ok. Possible my blurry vision boosts my self-confidence and deactivates my give-a-damn. N-E-way…

Having said that, I did do 2×100 near/far eye exercises today in addition to the other 13 exercises, vast improvement over yesterday. As housemate R said, “Even God took one day out of seven off!”. Love ego-pumping enablers in my life. Me and God, on the same page.

One online test I took said my vision was 20/20 in my left eye and 20/100 in my right, which would be great if it were true, seeing as I’ve started at 20/50 (L) and 20/300 (R), respectively. Kinda doubt the validity of that test, however.

I will hold fast and keep on until end of the month.