Day 6 of 30: No more glasses?

Fought the urge to immediately put my glasses on this morning. It is not fun waking up with blurry vision, and this experiment is already getting old after just 5 days.

I have slumped from doing my eye exercises first thing in the morning to doing them late at night. I feel like my eye control is improving, my vision not-so-much. I still really like the idea of removing the crutches to see how well you can walk on the injured foot. My eyes are definitely still “working” without the glasses on, especially when I make an effort to ready blurry things in the distance, like road signs, as I approach them.

Again, I wore my glasses for about 3 hours tonight. Not sure how this will impact my experiment. I guess I really didn’t have to wear them for most of that 3 hours, but I was just really getting tired of my blurry vision, and when I had to put them on to drive, I couldn’t peel them off my face.


Maybe I will start up tomorrow morning with more vigor and do my exercises first thing in the morning. I still have 3 weeks of this experiment to go. I feel like I ought to be doing more than the 100 repetitions of near/far exercises throughout the day if I am really to improve the vision. Maybe I’ll bump that up to 3×100 reps per day starting tomorrow, and try to space them throughout the day.

I’d really like to see some improvement when I go to have my eyes tested again in September! 20/20 improvement of course ;-)