Day 24/25: No more glasses

I am excited for this experiment to be over in 5 days. The last 4 days I’ve been holed-up sick at home, with little energy nor motivation, and I feel like I’m making backward progress.

Mostly I’ve been working and playing on my laptop for 4 days, and my eyesight seems to have gotten worse when trying to focus on distant objects. The most useful focus exercises (and most frustrating) I have found to be going to a bookstore, grocery, or, today, going to a flea market and trying to find small items when you’re not even sure they exist. This is really trying on unfocused eyes and creates a tension headache within minutes.

If I were to continue (or re-do) this experiment, I would say that one should spend at least 15-30 minutes a day in such an environment to really exercise the eyes fully. It really sucks so it probably helps. And it probably should be woven into computer time usage on top of that, like focusing on distant objects for 1 minute for every 30 minutes on the computer, or something like that.

Will I dedicate myself to doing this over the next 5 days, for the sake of science?

Ug. I’ll try. My eye appointment is on Saturday and I’d love to tell my eye doctor my eyesight has improved because I am not wearing glasses/contacts anymore!