Day 13 of 30: No more glasses

Jezuz, I can’t believe it’s only been 13 days into this experiment. Now I’m starting to wonder how much hormones are involved in this eyesight thing, and/or how much they can work against your morale.

I have stopped using hormonal contraceptives, as of a couple days ago. So I think my quick change in mood today about this project has more to do with hormonal changes than anything else. I read a British study from like 2008 that showed women were more attracted (by scent) to men of similar genetics when on oral contraceptives. No thank you.

So, today, I went a bit too long without eating and ended up buying a crappy “oatmeal raisin” cookie (no visible oatmeal nor raisins in the cookie, as discovered after the purchase) and a piece of coffee cake for lunch at my least favorite local coffee shop near the BART station. Which probably kicked off an insulin spike and crash which led to a dinner of pasta and ice cream for a midnight snack.

Which leads me now to a tearful, reflective mood, and a slight, generally negative disposition.

Bearing that in mind, I did not sense any real vision improvement today. I did my eye exercises tonight (while trying to recover from a beat-up hammer-throwing spine) and noticed some tearing-up during certain exercises. Kind of a sign they were working?

Enough of today already. On to better nutrition and mood tomorrow, hopefully!