Day 10 of 30: No more glasses

I’m starting to wonder if this isn’t more a test of positive thinking and paradigm shifts.

Riding my bike 30 minutes to work, about 10 minutes in I’m starting to hate everything being slightly blurry again, and questioning my own good judgement for doing this stupid experiment in the first place.

Then, I relax. Change my mind. Imagine as vividly as possible that my eyes could instantly see everything clearly and crisply, and, as I relax, my vision does improve. Slightly, but noticeably. My jaw also relaxes and starts to feel sore (I’ve been chewing a pack of gum this week).

I wonder that if I could just accept a new paradigm -that my eyes are perfectly healthy and capable of perfect sight, if I could trick my brain into using another section or new wiring schematic or something to help me see better.

When I imagine that my eyes work perfectly, I can actually feel them trying to work perfectly. I have to physically relax the eye muscles to give them breaks when they strain, but they are working. I wonder just how much stock there can be in the fact of exercising just the 3 pairs of eye muscles to improve eyesight. I wonder if those eye muscles are at all responsible for the overall shape of the eye, therefore causing distortion if one of the pairs is not optimally functioning.

I notice that the eye exercise that bothers/strains my eyes the most is “drawing” lines from the floor up to the ceiling in the far left and right sides of each eye. Second to that one I suppose is “drawing” circles on the ceiling, looking up.

So there are 2 things going on that I can observe. My eyes themselves seem to strain/bulge to see distant objects, especially if I focus on staying relaxed in the face and the mind. This feels like exercise, and exercise tells the brain that it needs to change, so this makes me feel a little more optimistic.

Secondly, I am doing many eye exercises that do not involve focus, just controlled movement of the eyes. The only way I could imagine this improving vision is by slightly changing the tension on the eyeball itself, AND by bringing circulation to worked parts of the eye at the attachment sites.

I went to the big Safeway grocery store in Potrero tonight and just for fun tried to look for organic wheat pasta (unsuccessfully, haha). That was an excellent eye exercise in focusing on the overhead isle labels and then individual items. I may just start doing that daily or every other day for the practice! It was quite challenging.

To science, and positive thinking…