Create You

Sitting next to a group of Spanish speakers on BART, reminds me of how wonderful my life is. Sometimes, I’ll look around and everything is how I want it: I’ll be surrounded by interesting objects, people, perfect environments. As if I had designed or directed it myself. Because I kind of did design it myself. I kept moving until I found a place that would make me happy more often than not, and at times, constantly happy for days on end. A hot young French man spins French hip-hop for us while we lounge lazily on soft pillows among friends; an Italian man who loves pizza and art says hello (ciao) and invites me over; a Californian friend comes over to visit with her charming and cute little daughter running around, borrows costume clothes, opens a bottle of wine and looks up youtube music videos with me.

Life is good.

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Miguel Enrique
11 years ago

“LIFE IS A MIRROR” Whatever happens in your life is a reflection of yourself. I believe, we are creator of what is around us.