Crazy Times

My schedule is as hectic this week as it has ever been. Here are some of the things I am getting completely overwhelmed with in a typical day this week (including some of the things I think about but don’t have time to do). Thank God I don’t have any REAL problems!:

  • Clean and Sell my car within a month
  • Find 3 roommates to share a new apartment in 3 weeks
  • Work my morning day job
  • Massage clients in the afternoon
  • Answer the phone for my massage office
  • Train my new employees
  • Manage the conversion of my massage office contractors, meet with payroll, accounting, and lawyers, & work with the city to permit my new office
  • Figure out how to keep from going bankrupt next month
  • Figure out what my boyfriend is doing 6 months from now
  • Get ready for my 2nd 10-year reunion in 2 weeks on Friday…in North Dakota!
  • Followup on my 1st 10-year reunion; pictures, summary, website updates, etc.
  • Plan a hammer throwing training camp and start advertising it
  • Write a month-long training plan for one of my athletes
  • Blog about my life, ideas
  • Feed and water my cat
  • Water my plants
  • Sort my mail
  • Sort my emails
  • Feed myself
  • Watch the new season of Project Runway
  • Start posting to my new hammer blog
  • Figure out how to actually make money in my massage business
  • Try not to pull all of my hair out
  • Exercise/yoga (notice how far up the list this one made it)
  • Read (yeah, right)
  • Study a foreign language, go to the beach, clean my room (forget about it)

Haha, I’m listening to a Staind song: “Can’t see through this, too much pressure. Can’t see through this, too much pressure.”


But still have a smile tonight. I may actually be psychotic.

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15 years ago

I think…. we should both move back to Montana and enjoy a slower pace of life. I miss a slower pace of life and people who look me in the eye.