Crazy Dreams

So I’ve been great about stopping eating after 7:30pm, until last night. I took my massage therapist that works with me out for dinner, so I had some chamomile tea and an eggplant crepe around 8:30-9pm. I had a dream that I was two timing Will Ferrell and Jared Leto. I dumped Will Ferrell (at which point I learned he was already married and wasn’t wearing his ring) and things were going well with Jared Leto except he dressed like someone from the beatles and had the bowl-shaped haircut. Then I found out he had a penchant for wearing women’s brazierres and wearing makeup, so I had to say goodbye.

So, don’t eat after 7:30pm.

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16 years ago

Way to go on the new diet guidelines. Your dream gave me a great laugh. Sounds like you’re having a good time. Hope everything is going good. Bakersfield is still Bakersfield.